Commendations and Complaints


How to File

If a Lombard Police Department employee has done a good job and you want to say "thanks", you can call or visit the Police Department during regular business hours and ask to speak to a supervisor within the employee’s division of assignment.  

Your comments will be forwarded through the employee’s chain of command and reviewed by the Office of the Chief of Police. After the review, a copy of your comments will be placed in the employee’s personnel file and the original document sent to the employee.

Where to file

You can submit a note via the United States Postal Service to the attention:

Chief of Police
Lombard Police Department
235 East Wilson Avenue
Lombard, Illinois 60148

You can also submit an email to the Department. 


How to File

The members of the Lombard Police Department are aware of the important responsibilities and duties they have as public servants. Lombard Police Department members understand the importance of integrity and maintaining the community's trust. As an organization, we try very hard to provide quality customer service to all of our citizens.

Policing is a very complex job in today’s society; we realize that mistakes can happen and the actions of our personnel may fall short of your expectations. It is the policy of the Lombard Police Department to thoroughly investigate all complaints of alleged misconduct made against any member or representative of the Lombard Police Department. 

We will conduct an investigation into alleged acts of misconduct on the part of any employee or representative of the department. The investigation will be thorough, accurate and objective. Such investigations shall include formal statements from all parties concerned, the gathering and preservation of any physical evidence related to the case, and all other written information on the matter. 

The department requires that all attempts will be made to complete investigations of complaints within 30 days from the date it is received. The Chief of Police may extend that time due to circumstances that prevent the completion of the investigation of witnesses, evidence, etc. You will be notified about the progress and the disposition of your complaint.

The Lombard Police Department is committed to working with our community to provide the highest level of police service. We appreciate and encourage citizen communications with the Police Department to improve community relations and help build greater confidence in your Police Department.

Where to File

Complaints may be filed in person at the Lombard Police Department or by phone.
Written complaints should be mailed to: 

Lombard Police Department
Attn: Chief of Police
235 East Wilson Avenue
Lombard, Illinois 60148

Under Illinois law, you may be required to sign an affidavit, which affirms, under oath, that any allegations you make are truthful statements. (50 ILCS 725 / 3.8 )