Solicitor Information

COVID-19 Soliciting Update as of March 20th 

  • Executive Order NO 2020-01 was approved, temporarily prohibiting all soliciting, fund soliciting and fund soliciting.  Peddling, commercial soliciting and fund soliciting are currently prohibited. There are currently no active licenses in the Village of Lombard for peddling or door-to-door commercial or fund soliciting.   

Political Canvassing, Advocacy, and Census Takers

  • The COVID-19 restrictions contained in Executive Order No. 2020-01 do not apply to other types soliciting which do not require a Village permit, namely support for political, charitable, or other causes, not involving the solicitation of funds.  Examples: 
    • Political canvassing;
    • Advocacy of charitable, religious or social causes not involving fund or commercial soliciting; 
    • Census takers through September 30, 2020.
  • The Village does not regulate or license door-to-door advocacy of a position or cause, with or without the distribution of pamphlets, handbills or literature, unless the person is otherwise peddling or soliciting for commercial sales or funds.

No Solicitor Signs 

  • Residents that do not want solicitors to approach their homes may post a "no solicitors" sign. No person can engage in any type of soliciting (political included) if residents have a posted sign. If no determination is made, as is provided in § 118.06, then the solicitation and/or peddling is permitted.
  • Census takers are not required to follow "no solicitor" signs.